Month: April 2019

hina sees the BRI as a method by wermanent c

hich it can make a substantial and permanent contributi on to lasting peace, common security and global prosperity. “While some Westerners may scoff at the impact they think the BRI may have on these is sues, Xi genuinely sees the BRI as a global development project and will continue to wholeh eartedly put China’s money, […]

Only in this way can the development be sustainable,

Zhonghao Overseas Construction Engineering Co, a Beijing-based private company established in 2001, has been drill ing wells in countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative, including in Algeria, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and Uganda. Tian Chao, president of the company, said those projects have provid ed jobs for local people, solved their water problems and […]

The 29-clause plan sets six key tasks, including control

 of overall water consumption, reducing agricultural, industrial and urban use and technological innovation. In the meantime, two measu res will deepen reform in establishing the water price and cultivate a competitive service ma rket. The plan encourages private capital to join and expand financing channels. China has a water shortage, the commission said on its […]

Film and TV show can facilitate people-to-people bonds

BUDAPEST, April 23 (Xinhua) — The Beijing Film and TV International Show inaugurated in the Hungarian capital will enhance people-to-people bonds between Hungary and China, an Chinese official said here on Tuesday. “Within the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative, more and more Chinese film and TV producti on have become accessible for Hungarians,” […]