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Last year, the 上海龙凤ccepted registration applicat

tions for 222 domestically developed Class-1 new innovative drugs, while the figure 上海龙凤品茶微信s for 2017 were 402 and 181. Class-1 new drugs refer to drugs that have never been mark eted in China or overseas, and innovative drugs means drugs with independent intellectual property rights.上海龙凤品茶微信 Among all the applications in 2018, 403 applications were for […]

Ma Yue, a sophomore, said he enjoys the freedom and pe

will allow pr上海龙凤品茶微信ivate citizens to stay at the International Space Station (ISS) for mo nth-long getaways at a cost of about $35,000 per night, the US space agency said on Friday. The shift reverses a long-standing prohibition against tourists and private interests at the orbiting research lab, and refle cts a broader push to expand […]

Customs cooperation to take aim at IPR violationsnd inter

China will expand international cooperation in enforcing intellectu al property rights to facilitate trade and create a favorable business environment for ente rprises from China and overseas, a customs official said on Wednesday. Cooperative customs mechanisms have been establ ished in more than 130 countries and regions, with more than 190 agree ments signed, including […]

Only in this way can the development be sustainable,

Zhonghao Overseas Construction Engineering Co, a Beijing-based private company established in 2001, has been drill ing wells in countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative, including in Algeria, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and Uganda. Tian Chao, president of the company, said those projects have provid ed jobs for local people, solved their water problems and […]

Although the scandal involving Visual China Group e

exposed disordered copyright management by stock-image providers, legal professionals said the increased efforts to protect copyright should be applauded. For example, the National Copyright Administration has launched crackdowns against pira ted works every year, aiming to increase copyright protection through administrative measures. Last year, it took online short videos, audio material, literary articles and music […]

Visual China Group faced further complaints Thursd

y after the official account of the Communist Youth League Central Committee que stioned the company’s right to sell images of the national flag and national emblem on its website. Some companies and organizations have found the image company also sells products with their logos. On Thursday evening, the company published an apology, saying some […]

Tax and fee cuts are our key measures to tackle down

ward economic pressure this year. They are a major policy initiative. Cutting fees cou ld serve multiple purposes. All government departments must do their best to e ffectively ease the burden on businesses and deliver real benefits to consumers,” Li said. The premier added, “This will also boost our industrial development.” Participants at the meeting […]

After years of reform and opening-up, the number o

of high-quality enterprises with good investment prospects is risi ng, giving China an increasingly larger influence on the global VC market, Zhou said. Forbes has given Chinese investors more recognition also because the domestic VC industry has bec ome more professional after 20-odd years of development, said Zhou. “But compared with top players, Chines e […]